Hereweka Gateway to the Heavens - 1st Dec 2015

Hoopers Inet-Milky Way Our luxury accommodation on the Otago Peninsula has stunning views over Hoopers Inlet.
Our Retreat accommodation  is a perfect place to stay if you enjoy stargazing
Ian Griffin, Director of Otago Museum, wrote this about Hoopers Inlet
"Hoopers Inlet is stunning: its shallow waters create a weirdly morphed and ever-changing reflections of its stunning hills. Those same hills act as night-time windbreaks :one of the reasons I love Hoopers is that even during a southerly blast, it is possible to find a protected location from where you can comfortably stargaze. And the sky above and the reflected upon Hoopers Inlet is certainly worthy of attention. Quite frankly its astonishing"
ODT Wednesday 18 Nov 2015

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