Hereweka Garden Retreat News Feed Hereweka Garden Retreat Ideal Time to view the Southern Aurora is the perfect time to be viewing the Aurora Australis from&nbsp; Hoopers Inlet right now!<br /> Our son follows closely and let us know when its a good time to venture out into the night to take a look.<br /> The other night he rang us to say that conditions were perfect for viewing the Aurora.<br /> We were very excited as we had guests in our Retreat who were really keen to to see this spectacular display.&nbsp;<br /> We all went down to the end of the drive and there it was.Wow!!<br /> The photo belows not ours. It was taken by our son Jarrah.<br /> He lives on the town side of Hoopers Inlet so took the high road out to Hoopers Inlet and this is what he saw.<br /> From our luxury accommodation at Hereweka on the Otago Peninsula you can walk out onto the deck from the Reteat and get a specacular view of the Southern Sky.<br /> There is no light pollution and no street lights.<br /> Our guests love it.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;1493553600 Time to view the Southern Aurora Beautiful Autumn Weather on the Otago Peninsula are experiencing the most lovely Autumn weather.<br /> I took this photo recently.<br /> It is one of the many perfectly still Autumn days we have been enjoying, taken from Hoopers Inlet and looking back towards our accommodation.<br /> Our luxury eco retreat is on the foothills of Harbour Cone and looks down on the Inlet.<br /> Our luxury accommodation is a perfect place to stay as the days get cooler.<br /> The Retreat warms up during the day if there is any sun as it has been built to capture all the light, sun and views.<br /> The double glazed windows and wool insulation ensure the heat is retained but if it does get cool there is a Eco-approved Warmington woodburner to light.<br /> Hereweka Garden Retreat, luxury accommodation on the Otago Peninsular is a perfect place to stay no matter what the weather.<br /> &nbsp;1490871600 Autumn Weather on the Otago Peninsula Perfect Rose for Retreat Trellis Gallieni Rose is in full bloom on the trellis outside the Retreat.<br /> We are thrilled with this rose as it is planted in very narrow dry bed above the brick wall at the front door of the accommodation.<br /> Tough conditions for any plant to thrive but there it is happily flowering most of the year .<br /> This rose has two or three big bursts of flowering but it is never without some flowers.<br /> It flowers in winter too which is an added bonus&nbsp;.<br /> We love the way the colour matches the paint work of the Retreat.<br /> When you visit our luxury eco accommodation on the Otago Peninsula there will always be something flowering in our garden even in the middle of winter.1489143600 Rose for Retreat Trellis Rare Green Jeweled Gecko Sighting the green jewled gecko has been found sunning itself on the private road leading up to our accommodation. We are always excited to see it as although we know our valley of native bush is an ideal habitat for this gecko we have to look hard to find them.&nbsp;<br /> There is an abundance of wildlife to explore at Hereweka.<br /> From the comfort of your luxury accommodation you can observe all the native birds enjoying the abundance of food available to them at this time of year.<br /> You are surrounded by a beautiful Garden and native bush at our luxury eco accommodation on the Otago Peninsula which is a perfect haven for wildlife.&nbsp;<br /> Walk 5 minutes down our road and you will come to Hoopers Inlet where many of New Zealand wading birds can be seen, including,at this time of year, the Royal Spoonbill.<br /> Or take a walk from your accommodation around the many paths that lead through the garden and bush and yu may even catch a glimpse of a flethching rifleman, New Zealands smallest native bird.1483354800 Green Jeweled Gecko Sighting Delicious Organic Breakfast Tray provide a delicious organic breakfast tray when you stay at our boutique luxury eco accommodation at Hereweka.<br /> Its a busy time of year for us now so I am kept busy making fresh organic bread most days which I make using a combination of low gluten organic flours, Spelt and Arawa.<br /> Muesli made from organic oats, nuts,seeds and dried fruits I make in larger batches. I&#39;ve just made some today and taken a photo to display with this news item .<br /> You will also get fresh free range eggs from our hens, organic jam, honey and kasundi, butter, milk, juice and a small bowl of seasonal fruit.<br /> Our guests tell us they love this breakfast and what seems to be especially popular is our freshly gathered eggs. They really do taste different from any you can buy at a shop.1480849200 Organic Breakfast Tray Spring Garden at Hereweka Accommodation of the special things you are able to do when staying at our luxury eco accommodation on the Otago Peninsula, Dunedin is to spend time in our renowned Hereweka Garden.<br /> Spring is one of the best seasons to do this.<br /> Our son took a photo of our garden yesterday with the Cherry trees and Magnolias in their full glory.<br /> When you look out your bedroom window you will be wowed by the view of the blossom.<br /> There are so many blossom trees flowering at the moment in our garden that they are reflecting light.<br /> Early morning is eanspecially beautiful time to experience the gentle radiance of their light.<br /> Evenings are also a perfect time to walk around the garden as the trees are are full of&nbsp; native birds who are enjoying the nectar from the flowers.<br /> The whole valley is full of bird song.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;1475492400 Garden at Hereweka Accommodation Spectacular Aurora Otago Peninsula week our neighbour Shaun Murphy took a spectacular photograph of the Aurora from just above our accommodation at Hereweka.<br /> If you look closely you can see the lights of our Luxury Eco Retreat accommodation in the right hand corner of this photograph.&nbsp;<br /> Late September/ October is a great time to visit Hereweka Accommodation<br /> Spend the day time enjoying our Spring garden with the many Magnolia, Cherry trees and Rhododendron flowering.<br /> Enjoy the evening stargazing and hopefully the Aurora will put on a spectacular show for you.<br /> Hoopers Inlet, where are luxury Retreat accommodation is situated, is reputated to be one of the best places in New Zealand to see the Aurora and Southern Lights.1474113600 Aurora Otago Peninsula 20% Off Winter Rates. the next month we are running a special rate of <strong>$244 </strong>per night rather than the usual rate of <strong>$280</strong>.<br /> You will need to email us before you book to recieve this rate.<br /> Winter is a great time to stay in our luxury accommodation on the Otago Peninsula.<br /> Our accommodation is cozy and warm.<br /> We have a <strong>woodburner</strong>, double glazing and wool insulation so you won&#39;t be cold.<br /> The bird life is abundant.<br /> And there is plenty of interest in our garden. Peter and I walked around the garden the other day and counted 73 plants flowering.<br /> This includes winter sweet, witch hazel, rhododendrons, camelias, snowdrops and other early spring bulbs.<br /> Our first Magnolia campbellii has just started to bloom.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;1469188800 Off Winter Rates. Certificate Of Excellence 2016 awarded to Hereweka;We&#39;re thrilled to announce that again Hereweka Garden Retreat has been selected for the 2016 Certificate of Excellence, reflecting the consistently great on TripAdvisor.&quot;<br /> This award is only given out to a select few accommodation providers so we are very pleased to have been selected again this year.<br /> To get a real sense of how our guests enjoy their stay at our luxury eco Retreat please do read some reviews at the bottom of our front page.<br /> We believe they speak for themselves in terms of the luxury quality experience you will have if you book our accommodation.1467547200 Of Excellence 2016 awarded to Hereweka