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Organic vegetable garden mulched for the winter at Hereweka Accommodation. - 4th Jun 2020

Winter vegetable garden mulched in seaweed

Our winter organic vegetable garden continues to produce well.

We have collected several trailer loads of kelp that washed up on the Hoopers Inlet Road and this has made a wonderful rich organic mulch for the vegetable garden. We will cover this with pea straw to help control the weeds over winter .

Winter produce include carrots, beetroot, cauliflower, broccoli and kale.

Lettuce, fennel and spinach are continuing to grow well under cloches.

At our luxury Retreat accommodation we have lettuce and herbs growing in tubs fulled with our organic compost  Guests can help themselves to this when staying at Hereweka



Best time to see the Perennial Borders at Hereweka Garden - 9th Dec 2019

Delphiniums seen from Hereweka Garden Accommodation

At Hereweka Garden the time to see the extensive perennial borders at there best is late November through to Mid -December.

The picture I have posted is a group of delphiniums flowering dierctly opposite Hereweka Accommodation.

You can view the perennial border from the windows of our accommodation .

Better still take a stroll and absorb the smells and  sound of the garden.

Bellbirds and Tui song can be almost deafening.

The roses and lilies at this time of year smell devine.

The  vibrancy and variety in tones of colour in the border are delightful on the eye.

Colours and tones of colours have been planted deliberately to create a peaceful and soothing atmosphere in our garden.

It is the perfect time to visit our accommodation at Hereweka Garden Retreat.

Great Walking close to Hereweka Accommodation - 13th Sep 2019

Allans Beach Otago Peninsula Dunedin

There are many wonderful walks to be had on the Otago Peninsula, Dunedin

Hereweka Accommodation is set in the heart of the Otago Peninsula and is close to many interesting  walks.

We supply a pamphlet at our Retreat called "Otago Peninsula Tracks" which has suggestions of over 20 walks.

You can do several interesting walks directly from our property.

Most  of the other walks are only a 5 or 10 minute drive away

You will experience a real sense of remoteness when walking on the Otago Peninsula.

Even though most of the walks are only 20 -30 minutes from the center of Dunedin you are unlikely to meet other people along the way.

At "our " beach, Allans Beach , which is only a 5 minute drive from our accommodation, on a sunny day the beach is far from crowded and you might even be lucky enough to have it to your self.

 Coming back from my regular Sunday walk on Allans Beach last week I captured this magnificent sky on my camera.

The beach never ceases to amaze me. There is always something different to see. 


Wonderful Walks close to Hereweka Accommodation - 27th Aug 2019

Hooker Sea Lions on Allans Beach August 2019

There are many wonderful nature walks close by our accommodation at Hereweka .

The Otago Peninsula Dunedin is a great place to see the plentiful wildlife present on the Peninsula including penguins, sea lions, seals and our famous Royal Albatross.

We are only a five minute drive from our local beach, Allans Beach. 

It is a beautiful pristine beach rich in wildlife, particularly Hooker sea lions and sea birds.

I walk there every week and am constantly thrilled by the breathtaking secenery.

On Sunday I was walking with friends and was amazed by the number of sea lions playing and basking in the sun.

No matter what time of year it is watching the Hooker sea lions at Allans Beach is a delight.

Baby Hooker Sea Lions visit Hereweka Accommodation - 3rd Jun 2019

Baby Hooker Sea Lions at the bottom of driveway

I couldn't believe my eyes the other day when driving home from town I saw 2 baby Hooker Sea Lions folicking in Hoopers Inlet right in front of our driveway!

What a thrill it was to see them.

Although they are breeding prolifically on the Otago Peninsula at  Allans Beach and have a nursery at the mouth of Hoopers Inlet I have never seen them swim up to the head of the Inlet

I couldn't resist. I stopped the car to take a closer look and was rewarded by these two inquisitive babies coming out of the water to check up on me.

If you come to stay at Hereweka Garden Retreat luxury accommodation on the Otago Peninsula and you enjoy wildlife experiences you have come to the right place.

Hereweka Garden Accommodation abundance of autumn flowering plants in May - 16th May 2019

Hydrangea Merits supreme and sasanqua camillia Hereweka Garden

One of the many pleasures of living on our property on the Otago Peninsula, Dunedin is to walk around our garden and see what is happening.

Last weekend when we walked in the garden we recorded 60 different species of plants flowering.

We are delighted by this. Over the years we have managed to develop the garden so that it has year round interest.

Apart from the spectacular display of autumn colour there is also plenty of flowering plants to enjoy. 

We are particularly pleased with our collection of autumn flowering sasanqua camellias which we have  planted over the years.

The last of the hydrangea flowers in Autumn also provide a real lift to the garden.

One of my favourite "chores" most Saturdays is to full the house with flowers. 

Sometimes I create an arrangement that feels particularly satisying.

This Saturday was one of those days. Hydrangea Meritts Supreme took centre stage complimented by the delicate soft pink sasanqua camellia.

Stunning Autumn Colours at Retreat Accommodation - 27th Apr 2019

Zelkova in Hereweka Garden on the Otago Peninsula

We love this time of year at Hereweka as the colours on the trees begin to change.

We get a wonderful display of Autumn colour from vivid reds through to bright yellows.

You can see this display of colour from the comfort of the Retreat with it's expansive windows giving you views of the garden in every direction.

Its cosy in the Retreat at this time of year as we have an Eco approved woodburner in the living area.

Bumper Crop of Organic Strawberries At Hereweka Garden Retreat - 8th Mar 2019

Bumper Crop of Organic Strawberries At Hereweka Garden Retreat

With all the wonderful summer weather we have been experiencing lately our strwberry bed has continued to produce a bumper crop.

We garden using sustainable organic methods here at Hereweka, our luxury accommodation on the Otago Peninsula , Dunedin.

The strawberries are no exception. 

In the spring we mulched all the strawberries in fresh organic compost. We make this compost from material on our property.

We then put on a top layer of pine neddles.

The strawberries have responded well to this treatment and I have been able to pick several kilograms to make delicoius organic jam with.

Like everything on the breakfast tray at our luxury accommodation Retreat, all the jams on your tray are homemade using organic sugar.

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