Hereweka Garden Retreat

Chef at Hereweka - 21st Dec 2017

Roasted Quail in Central Otago wild thyme and oregano

We feel very fortunate to have Dany, our Gourmet chef, working for us at our luxury accommodation on the Otago Peninsula.

We are getting rave reviews from our guests who love being able to eat in at our Retreat accommodation

You do have the choice of two restaurants just a 5 minute drive from our accommodation if you want some variety. However once guests taste  what Dany has to offer most guests choose to eat at Hereweka.

If you go to the links on our website you can click through to dany's website you can look at her current menu.


Perennial garden peak at Hereweka Retreat Accommodation - 17th Nov 2017

Perennial Border at Hereweka Garden Retreat Accommodation

We look forward each year in our garden to when the perennial border is at its peak.

This happens about now and these borders are at their best between mid November until Chritmas.

Our luxury accommodation on the Otago Peninsula, Dunedin is beautifully situated for full sun and is sheltered by the surrounding trees.

The perennial border flourishes in this aspect and our Retreat accommodtion has large windows that look diretly out on to the garden.


NZ Life and Leisure- Feature - 18th Oct 2017

NZ Life and Leisure- Feature

“Even after 35 years here we still wake up, look out the window and are thrilled by what we see in the garden,” says Anna.

How wonderful to have Hereweka Garden Retreat featured in this article. 

Please follow the below link to read all about Our Garden and why we love our little slice of paradise

Ideal Time to view the Southern Aurora - 1st May 2017

Ideal Time to view the Southern Aurora

It is the perfect time to be viewing the Aurora Australis from  Hoopers Inlet right now!
Our son follows closely and let us know when its a good time to venture out into the night to take a look.
The other night he rang us to say that conditions were perfect for viewing the Aurora.
We were very excited as we had guests in our Retreat who were really keen to to see this spectacular display. 
We all went down to the end of the drive and there it was.Wow!!
The photo belows not ours. It was taken by our son Jarrah.
He lives on the town side of Hoopers Inlet so took the high road out to Hoopers Inlet and this is what he saw.
From our luxury accommodation at Hereweka on the Otago Peninsula you can walk out onto the deck from the Reteat and get a specacular view of the Southern Sky.
There is no light pollution and no street lights.
Our guests love it.

Beautiful Autumn Weather on the Otago Peninsula - 31st Mar 2017

Beautiful Autumn Weather on the Otago Peninsula

We are experiencing the most lovely Autumn weather.
I took this photo recently.
It is one of the many perfectly still Autumn days we have been enjoying, taken from Hoopers Inlet and looking back towards our accommodation.
Our luxury eco retreat is on the foothills of Harbour Cone and looks down on the Inlet.
Our luxury accommodation is a perfect place to stay as the days get cooler.
The Retreat warms up during the day if there is any sun as it has been built to capture all the light, sun and views.
The double glazed windows and wool insulation ensure the heat is retained but if it does get cool there is a Eco-approved Warmington woodburner to light.
Hereweka Garden Retreat, luxury accommodation on the Otago Peninsular is a perfect place to stay no matter what the weather.

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